Best Learning Management Systems With Useful Features in 2022


Learning Management Systems, With teachers around the world taking their lessons on virtual conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc., there is also a need for technology to replace other accessories provided by schools, namely their driving systems, collection and test scoring. , their method of providing free materials to their students (which is now mostly PDFs and other electronic media), and a way to track student attendance.

There are programs designed to help instructors in managing online courses called Learning Management Systems. These provide teachers with a single platform that brings together all the functions of a classroom-teacher dynamic – test taking, lesson content, material delivery and assessments. LMS enables better and streamlined online learning delivery for educational institutions, facilitating the educational experience of students.

different learning management systems were already widely used long before the pandemic, especially in K-12 or higher education schools. The LMS is also often used by corporations, many government companies, and private coaching institutions.

Before exploring the best learning management systems, let’s take a look at the parameters that a good LMS must be able to meet in today’s environment.

learning management system

Top 7 Learning Management Systems to Use

Let us now review some examples of learning management systems that have marked the education system, especially during the difficult months of quarantine.


Using cloud-based open text, Canvas integrates the content, tools, and services teachers and students need into a classroom. Canvas claims to have adopted new methods and grown faster than any other LMS.

In addition to their exemplary learning management system, they also offer Canvas Commons, a learning object repository, Canvas catalog, customizable all-in-one course catalog, registration system, and payment gateway. Canvas Network is an index of open online courses curated by the world’s top educators. It has outstanding reviews and is optimized for fast response.

Google classroom

Google Classroom is perhaps the most famous and widely used by teachers whose colleges haven’t invested in a proprietary LMS. Google Classroom is a free tool in the Google Apps for Education package that allows teachers to quickly and easily create and organize assignments, distribute reading material, and provide feedback efficiently.

With a score of 4.5/5, Google Classroom has become the reference for many institutions, in particular because of the quality of its integration with the free tool Google Meet, competing with Zoom as a video conferencing platform. .

Learning board

As a scalable and reliable LMS, Blackboard Learn provides the perfect foundation for a great learning experience. Also catering to corporate and school/college learning, this platform enables extensive online learning, better employee engagement, and a streamlined management system.

It will help you preserve institutional knowledge and retain your employees. With high levels of customization and potential for rapid collaboration, Blackboard Learn is a great way to deliver instructor-led training.


Schoology has been around for a while, and in its decade of experience it has supported both fully online courses and blended learning environments. Schoology got its start as part of the PowerSchool Unified Classroom solution and strives to create equity in teaching and learning.

Students and teachers can overcome the setbacks created by their socio-economic status, special educational needs, etc. Over 2,000 K-12 schools today use Schoology to advance their education system.


Docebo comes with a comprehensive content library called Docebo Content and is trusted by global franchises to create world-class learning experiences. Docebo enables formal learning to be fun and engaging, eliminating the need for multiple platforms to deliver in-house or cross-departmental and extended corporate learning programs.


Moodle has been around since 2001 as an open source platform where anyone anywhere in the world can develop and manage an online course. As a modular system that runs on plugins, Moodle is like a Lego box that lets you choose which features you want to keep.

Universities that want a few online courses with some offline functionality can use Moodle to create their own custom e-learning programs. Executed from Perth, Australia. Moodle offers forums, documentation, trackers and a Moodle Translation Portal which removes language barriers by translating the entire platform into over 100 languages!


A simple app that connects learners with mentors, helping them with the resources they need to move through the zone of proximal development. With a rating of 4.3/5, Edmodo is a favorite among teachers who prefer its easy-to-use user interface to create and publish lessons on their areas of expertise.


Apart from these examples of learning management systems, there are many LMSs, like Mindflash, Skyprep, Knowmax, TalentLMS, etc. But in the current situation, the best learning management systems can be learned quickly by people with low technological knowledge. Students and teachers can be easily maneuvered to focus on their education rather than the software itself.

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